DIY Race Bib/Medal display

After 3 years of storing my race stuff in a shoebox in my garage, I wanted a better way to organize and keep my running accomplishments together in one place. I first saw the idea of bib displays and medal holders in the back of my Runners World Magazine. I almost ordered one a hundred times, but I’m glad I didn’t because making one was way more fun!

My sole sister and I are always motivated to run by getting some new “running stuff”, usually it’s new swag or some tech-y gear. This time we both wanted a little project to motivate us through our last week of half marathon training. What better way to stay focused then to dig up old bibs and medals, and see how far we have come since lacing up for the first time.And so our DIY project was born!

What you need:

-Wood board

-6 hooks

-Wall hang kit

-Chalkboard paint

-Paint Brush


*We got all our material from Michaels Craft Store

After a few hours scouring the internet for ideas and prototypes, I had my vision.



I started by painting my piece of wood with the chalkboard paint. I let it dry for 1 hour and repeated three times leaving one hour between coats. I chose to do three coats, instead of the two recommended because the wood was fairly porous and sucking up the paint fast.


The next step was deciding where I wanted the hooks. I chose a bigger piece of wood because I wanted more room to display photos or write my goals and PR’s on the side. I used one of my Running Room bibs as a template because I have a bunch of them, and not all the bibs matched up. With the template in place I screwed in my hooks to hold the bibs. Then measured out spots for my four medal hooks along the bottom of the board.


 Next step was to rub chalk over the surface of the wood to “cure” it.DSC_1822

Here is my finished project!


It hangs in my laundry room right beside my “health food” cupboard. My favourite part is that I don’t have to commit to the saying or mantra at the top or side. I can switch it up because it’s chalk! It will evolve with me 🙂



2 thoughts on “DIY Race Bib/Medal display

  1. I love this idea! I am looking for ideas for an anniversary present for my wife. This is perfect.

    One question. How big of a board did you use?

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